We invite you to participate in the LISTEN survey about storytelling as method in education, especially for working with refugees and other involuntary migrants. Your answers will help us to define the needs of educators and care takers as a basis for our work in this project. In this survey we target trainers, facilitators and counsellors working in formal and non ­ formal adult education, in cultural organisations, voluntary groups and the non ­ profit sector.

Definition of Storytelling: “Storytelling is understood to be live oral telling of stories, engaging directly with listeners to create a shared experience. Storying, the process of constructing stories in the mind, is one of the most fundamental ways of making meaning and thus pervades all aspects of learning, regardless of age.” (M. Hamilton and M. Weiss, 2005)

Storytelling methods for education broaden the focus and go beyond situations in which a teller tells a story to an audience. Storytelling methods comprise a large variety of activities that are in some way connected to storytelling or can be seen as preparation steps. This includes developing and constructing stories, e.g. in games, developing language and communication skills to become able to tell stories, using stories as metaphors and stimulation for reflection, sharing biographic stories etc.

Find more information about the powers of storytelling and related methods on the LISTEN website.

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